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Essential Services

North American Warranty

ETR and Truckzone have partnered to bring your North American Warranty. Any customer who requires repair work under warranty and who cannot return to his original TruckPro service centre (i.e. the service centre that completed the original repair) will be able to visit another TruckPro service centre, or any participating NAPA heavy vehicle service centre in the United States, to have warranted repairs performed.

**Full Details available at ETR or see TruckPro's website

Preventive Maintainance Program

The PMP provides for regular inspections during which the mechanic checks the various components of your vehicle and takes care of all necessary adjustments, repairs, lubrications, or replacements. As a result, your vehicle will stay in better condition, thus reducing major damage, breakdown risks, extended downtime, and delivery delays as well as breakdown, repair, and operating costs.

Alberta Approved CVIP Facility

Registered owners of commercial vehicles must ensure that each bus, truck, light truck, or trailer they own receives the required inspection.

Section 19 of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR 211/2006) requires all commercial vehicles to have a valid inspection certificate and decal. The driver of a commercial vehicle must be able to produce the inspection certificate on the request of an investigator or peace officer.

All jurisdictions recognize commercial inspections of each participating province or territory and, except in rare circumstances, will accept the host jurisdiction's inspection to be equivalent to the inspection mandated by their legislation.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance.

Our fleet of trucks is equipped with a 24/7 roadside assistance system that provides 24/7 roadside assistance to your vehicles. We can make minor to medium roadside repairs and help you get back to the shop for complete repairs.